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How it works

“Time is precious because it’s limited. We’re all busy in our lives that we don’t have much time for grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Get back to doing what you love and leave it to us and get your Sunday’s back”



  • All of our dishes are created based on seasonal ingredients as we believe the produce reaching their full potential in taste and nutrients when they are used in the right season.

    As our vegetables are subject to market availability, we will make sure to replace the missing components with similar produce.

  • All of our produce is fresh and locally sourced and do not contain any refined sugars or preservatives.

    menu menu menu


    • Our menu consists of 5 meals (3 meat and 2 vegetarian) and changes weekly with a choice of 2 cold options and 3 hot options.
    • All of our meals are dairy free and gluten free.
    • We do provide a low-carb option which has the main starch component removed (potatoes, rice or noodles).
    • We do cater for dietary options, just mention them in the special notes when you finalise your order (Brown rice, vegan, allergies etc).
    • Cold meals usually come with a separate dressing (check label to see which meals are meant to be eaten cold or hot).
    • If you are not sure about getting regular or upsize meals, I would recommend to try our regular meals first and see how you go. The upsize has slightly more protein and carbs.



      • The cut off day to the place your order is on Wednesday, latest 8.30pm.
      • We require a minimum of 4 meals for an order to be validated.



      • We deliver to Movement Co on Sundays around 12pm-1pm. Your bags will be left in the fridge for you to pick up whenever suits you. Pick-up from Movement Co is available to public.
      • Delivery to partnering gyms is Monday afternoon and is available for their gym members only.




        • Our meals usually last till Thursday (cold meals) and Friday (hot meals), please pay attention to the use by dates on the labels. They are best eaten fresh and we do not recommend that you freeze them.
        • All meals to be kept refrigerated.
        • We do not provide tailored meal plans as we believe that diet and calorie intake is very individual.